Saturday, October 20, 2007

Toronto After Dark: Night One

It feels like Christmas to me.

Not the holiday of consumption that comes at the end of the year, but those autumn months leading up to Halloween, when the studios tend to release genre titles, and those Midnight Madness screenings during TIFF keep me up all night, and now, for the second year, the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. It was a packed house at the Bloor Cinema for the opening gala film MULBERRY STREET.

FYI, the sound doesn't seem to carry as well up in the balcony, I'd avoid it if at all possible.

Festival director and founder Adam Lopez stirred up the crowd with his untiring enthusiasm and passion for the horror and fantasy flicks to be inflicted upon us for the next 7 nights.

Following the screening was opening night party, this year at the Gladstone Hotel. Between being moderately felt up by an over-friendly stranger and the many visits to the Angels of Yaggermeister, good times were had.

Reviews to come.

Above pic from the film, not the party :P

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