Thursday, August 6, 2009

Toronto After Dark 2009 line-up is complete!

Here are the other 9 flicks for this year's fest, it all starts in 8 days!

ROUGH CUT, the South Korean action flick that takes place on the set of an action flick, MUST LOVE DEATH, a German take on American Rom-Coms and gory horror all mixed into one, THE DARK HOUR, an understated Spanish post-apocalyptic story, THE WARLORDS, a 19th century Chinese epic starring Jet Li, STRIGOI, a tale of greed and vampires in a small Romanian village, THE REVENANT, an LA zombie-buddy-comedy, DEAD SNOW, Nazi zombies, nuff said, THE CHILDREN, a chilling British tale of the kids going all wrong, and opening night Blaxploitation throwback extravaganza BLACK DYNAMITE!

And because I hated TRANSFORMERS...

I admit it. I'll be at the midnight screening tonight. I'm hoping it's as ridiculous as it should be! This could be my big dumb summer popcorn flick.