Sunday, October 21, 2007

BLOOD CAR review

Sure, it's only 2 weeks into the future, but times are tough for vehicular culture. The price of gas is beyond reach for all but the filthy rich, and the subsequent automotive graveyards only serve as convenient hideouts for fornicating teenagers. Archie Andrews, vegan kindergarten teacher and all around nice guy, has a plan to get us all behind the drivers seat again, but responsibly this time. Unfortunately, his experiments with an engine that runs on wheatgrass is making little headway, until he accidentally adds a bit of his own blood to the mix. And thus begins his downward spiral into murder, depravity, and madness!

A hilarious take on THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS in our eco-conscious times, Blood Car makes the most of it's modest budget with a gonzo enthusiasm and a sublime sense of humour. Archie's struggle with his principles plays out in his relationships with two women; Lorraine, the 'sweet' girl who sells Archie his wheatgrass and clearly has always had a crush on him, and Denise, the 'bad' girl who sells meat and only notices Archie after he gets his car up and running. We never question the logic behind these two characters working opposite stands in a deserted parking lot.

It doesn't take long for Archie to fall from grace once he's had crazy sex with the meat stand girl. And since Denise is really only interested in his car, that means plenty of victims for the blood car. Oh, and the government are watching him of course.

BLOOD CAR works wonderfully as a surreal comedy punctuated with an array of blood-splattering; young, old, and fluffy alike! Perhaps not to every one's taste, but I wonder if Al Gore can appreciate it?

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