Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Guilty Pleasure #2

Bernardo Bertolucci's 2004 film THE DREAMERS certainly divided critics at the time of it's release. It was called brave, disposable, ambitious, and joyless in alternate breathes. To openly express my love for this film would illicit jeers from my co-workers, and suspicious looks from my friends. Perhaps it's all the pseudo-incest and full frontal cock?

I find the film to be sumptuous and daring and idealistic, yet sad at the same time. The re-enactment of the protests at the Cinematheque Francaise in 1968 must seem incredulous to a North American audience, who might only riot over a sporting event or an opening day sale at a big box store. I always daydream about somehow harnessing that passion in the present day to riot against the corporate renaming of a cinema, or the opening of yet another torturous sequel!

I love the line "You're awfully clean for someone who likes the cinema so much".
Every scene, every actor, every interior is so damn pretty that I want live in the film, even though the characters are immature and pretentious for the most part.
And yes, of course, I'm in love with Eva Green, despite the fact that the character of Isabelle is childish, emotionally stunted, and way too close to her brother.

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