Thursday, January 21, 2010

What was new(s)...

Happy New Year! OK, a little late for that, so what?! I'm not an early riser, sue me!
Here's some this and that I've noticed recently:

AVATAR makes all the money, which is pretty surprising for a re-boot of Disney's POCAHONTAS. I'm glad I got the full on IMAX 3-D experience, but otherwise I found it pretty forgettable, except for Michelle Rodriguez being fierce as always.

I enjoyed the Hell out of SHERLOCK HOLMES, it was exactly what I expected, a big gay Victorian action romp. Just don't tell Andrea Plunket, who holds the US copyright to the literary Holmes saga how gay it was, as she has threatened to pull the rights if a sequel were to further explore Holmes in an homoerotic light. That's too bad really, as I really enjoyed the 'married couple' dynamic that Downey Jr. and Law brought to the material.
The first rule of fight club is, don't discuss the man-love...

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