Thursday, January 22, 2009

On board with Zooey

So I had this dream where I was on the bus with Zooey Deschanel...

Not really... but I sure wish I did. The pic above, taken from the teaser trailer of (500)DAYS OF SUMMER, looks an awful lot like the bus that drives you to heaven! Yes dear readers, this robot is totally smitten. How could I not be? Granted, she's been getting a lot more press lately as the indie boys' movie-star crush of choice, thanks to roles in WINTER PASSING, ALL THE REAL GIRLS, and THE GOOD GIRL. Not to mention a small roll on the tv show WEEDS, and a couple of big (although awful) films in 2008 that I won't even mention. AND her breakout as a dreamy-voiced chanteuse in the band She & Him.

One might be accused of jumping on the Zooey bandwagon, but my moony-eyed optical circuits have been gazing at her since her small role as Patrick Fugit's sister in ALMOST FAMOUS, one of my favouritest movies ever.

"Listen to Tommy with a candle burning, and you'll see your entire future."

So I was greatly intrigued when I first heard about (500) DAYS OF SUMMER, billed as 'Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn't.', an anti-romantic comedy starring Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Count me in! On top of the obvious Zooey factor, I'm a big fan of Gordon-Levitt after watching him in MYSTERIOUS SKIN, BRICK, and THE LOOKOUT. Word out of Sundance is very positive, so I'm keen to see this when it's released in July.

Also, I just wanted an excuse to post more pics of her :P


Jay Clarke said...

well, that was a nice and sweet love letter ;) I'm with you, anything to wash the taste of 'that movie we shall not name' out of my mouth.

DirtyRobot said...

Ya know, I still want to see it, my Zip list may eventually send it to me, maybe I'll just avert my eyes when Zooey is onscreen, just to preserve her awesomeness :/