Monday, April 16, 2007


I caught a sneak of this new thriller today starring Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised.

Basically, Anthony Hopkins plays Ted Crawford, an engineer specializing in fracture mechanics, who discovers that his wife is having an affair, so he shoots her. Ryan Gosling plays a hot shot DA named Willie Beachum who has an almost unbeatable court record and a pending position at a prestigious corporate law firm.

This should be Willie's last case, open and shut within the week considering the apparent overwhelming evidence, including a signed confession. Ted, however, has an elaborate scheme up his sleeve which Hopkins delivers with steely eyed intelligence and a droll sense of humour. Of course we've seen this from Hopkins before in the role of Hannibal Lecter, but it's still fun to watch. Also muddying the waters is the fact that hostage negotiator Rob Nunally, (Billy Burke) who arrives on the scene of the shooting is actually the one having the affair with Ted's wife. In short order Willie's case begins to fall apart as the 'evidence' begins to lose all merit.

There is also a sub-plot involving Willie's affair with his soon to be superior Nikki Gardner, (Rosamund Pike) a cold corporate shark who questions his commitment to his new position when his last case doesn't wrap up in short order as was expected. Gosling continues to shine as the cocky lawyer who wrestles with the ethical issues of winning at any cost and leaving the public sector for his swanky new corporate position. Watching these two actors go head to head is where the film shines, especially since I caught one of the central surprises for our climatic finale as it was happening in the first 20 minutes.

Overall, a fairly standard yet entertaining thriller.

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