Friday, September 11, 2009

Thoughts on TIFF - Day One

Here we go again. TIFF (the festival) will start for me later tonight at my first screening, as opposed to TIFF (my everyday job) where I am currently chained to my desk. Mainly I'm interesting in challenging and controversial films from around the world.

My first film, great idea, or worst idea ever?

But also I can't help but wondering if this year I'll meet any of my future ex-wives?

I will always have a crush on crazy-pixie Drew Barrymore (WHIP IT)

I'd have to duel my buddy Andrew over Penelope Cruz, but it would be worth it (BROKEN EMBRACES)

Eva Green... bites knuckle! (CRACKS)

And sure, every fanboy in town is drooling over Megan Fox, but she's almost TOO hot sometimes, in a scary way, like she can rape you with her eyes!

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