Thursday, September 4, 2008

TIFF Day One: Notes from Underfoot

This is your insiders look at The Toronto International Film Festival from a lowly grunt in the organization, a view from the 'feet' of The TIFF.

Here's where I'm trapped during the day, very glamourous. And honestly, The TIFF picks no favourites! :/

In preparation for the long hours and poor nutrition of the next ten days, we're offered a free B12 shot, by a 'doctor' mind you, and yet for some reason I'm the only one who bled. I call butchery!

My first film was Ari Folman's animated documentary WALTZ WITH BASHIR.

5 word review: Must see, gorgeous, deeply affecting.

Next up was the opening night party, which I'm sure is supposed to be an important event, judging by the 'character' of party goer. Tying this shindig into the opening night film, the Canadian World War One 'epic' PASSCHENDAELE, seemed like an odd decision. There were tanks stationed at the front door and men in military uniforms wandered around the party among the young, overly-modified party girls. For some reason it reminded me of R&R in Saigon in '69.

Now the smart move would have been to go directly home after the FF&D, but instead a bunch of us ended up at the uber-trendy Drake Hotel. Many drinks and embarrassing dance moves later, I got to bed at 4:30am... For The Love Of Film!

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