Wednesday, July 23, 2008

TIFF's Madness is announced!

It's that happy time of the year for all robots in the vicinity of Toronto this fall, as the Toronto International Film Festival's MIDNIGHT MADNESS programme has been announced. What stands out at first glance, especially compared to last year's films, is the absence of well known filmmakers. No Romero, no Argento, not even Miike this year! Call me crazy, but I couldn't be happier, as I thought last year's MOTHER OF TEARS and DIARY OF THE DEAD were really weak. I'd much rather witness an emerging talent than be tied down to the death rattles of previous genre masters.

Click the pics below for more info, or go here for the official press release.


Jay Clarke said...

Ouch! I too welcome fresh new filmmakers, but where's the love?!

Can't wait for September!!!

DirtyRobot said...

Miike still gets the love! Argento and I have definitely broken up, and it's awkward silence whenever Romero walks into the room.

sardonyx said...

Oh wow, I think I might have to get myself a separate Midnight Madness pass on top of my 10 tix booklet. hehe!