Friday, February 22, 2008

Quote Of The Week*

We're big fans of J.T. Petty around here, especially since the screening of his "documentary" S&MAN, as part of the Midnight Madness program at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2006. Currently he is working on a creature feature call THE BURROWERS which goes something like this:

The Dakota Territories. 1879. A handful of brave pioneers maintain isolated settlements in the badlands beyond civilization. When a family is brutally abducted in a nighttime attack, a posse forms to rescue the missing from the Native Americans suspected of the crime. An Irish immigrant searching for his lost beloved, a naïve teenager hoping to prove himself, an ex-slave looking for his place, and a pair of aging Indian-fighters set themselves against all the perils of the Old West, battling nature and hostile tribes. But as men vanish in the night, and horrific evidence accumulates with the dead and dying, the group discovers that their prey is far more terrifying than anything human, and their prospects are far more terrible than death.
reports that a single day of reshoots is happening, and J.T. Petty explains why:

"We decided we didn't have enough 'people stabbing monsters in the face with bones torn from rotting corpses' scenes, so we're adding one of those..."

*There will not be a quote every week.

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