Friday, December 14, 2007

Bats and Clowns

It's been a long time coming. My fellow geeks/nerds can relate to the pain of watching our beloved comic book characters desecrated on screens both big and small. It seems the odds are against us. Any time someone gets it right, as with X-MEN 1 & 2, we must suffer through CATWOMAN, DAREDEVIL, or GHOST RIDER. For me personally, the ups and downs of my favourite character, The Batman, have been downright heartbreaking.

First the was the shame of the kitchy tv series from 1960's, which even as a child I found to be silly. Tim Burton's BATMAN in 1989 was a step in the right direction at least, but the following films went from bad to WTF?! Thankfully Batman: The Animated Series came out during this timeframe and was far superior in every way to anything Joel Schumacher threw up on the big screen.

And then came Christopher Nolan. I seriously want to hug this man for finally getting it right with BATMAN BEGINS in 2005. Here was the serious and moody origin of the Dark Detective I'd been waiting for all these years.
Next summer we'll see Nolan's follow up, THE DARK KNIGHT, where we'll witness the re-birth of Batman's nemesis The Joker. The hype machine has already been churning out pics and previews and viral marketing galore, such as the latest teaser posters below, and the 12 year old in me is eating it up with a spoon!

UPDATE: The new trailer is now online here.

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